We are feminists and socialists. We began our blog, Sexism Class Violence, as a way of responding to the horrific sexual abuse cases that were being revealed in Britain and the US. We have since changed the name to Anne Bonny PirateWe will still be writing about sexism, class, and violence, but the blog also celebrates resistance and love, and we want our title to reflect that.

Anne Bonny has been a symbol of resistance for a long time. Born in Ireland, raised in South Carolina, she became a pirate in the Bahamas between 1714 and 1720.  In the Bahamas in those years working class pirates ran their ships as radical democracies. They elected the captain and decided policy – one vote each. They shared the takings – one share each, and two for the captain. They were of all races and all nations. It was a world turned upside down, and the pirates became legends [See Markus Rediker, 2004, Villains of all Nations].

Anne Bonny was a legend of gender resistance too. She was born illegitimate and chose her own lovers. Like other women pirates, Bonny wore men’s clothes at work. Three centuries ago, and now, that cross dressing is part of her transgression, and her appeal.

We have also chosen our new title because  when Nancy was nine she wanted to be Anne Bonny, and Jonathan wrote his PhD on eighteenth century naval mutinies.

nan-writingNancy Lindisfarne
taught anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies for many years. She is the author of Bartered Brides: Politics, Gender and Marriage in an Afghan Tribal Society; the short story collection Dancing in Damascus; and the co-editor of Dislocating Masculinity and Masculinities under Neoliberalism.





Jonathan Neale worked for ten years as abortion counsellor and six years as an HIV counsellor. He writes novels, plays, history and politics, including A Peoples History of the Vietnam War; What’s Wrong with America; Tigers of the Snow, a history of Sherpa climbers; and he edited One Million Climate Jobs.


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