Recent Links

This page lists recent useful blog posts, articles and events:

Scientific American, Anthropologist Brian Ferguson Challenges Claim that Chimp Violence is Adaptive

Huffington Post, Scientists Find Alarming Deterioration in the DNA of the Urban Poor. Much better than it sounds, about the complex factors affecting life expectancy of working class Hispanics, black people, and whites in Detroit.

Sky News. Chinese Feminist Describes Prison Ordeal

Mada Masr, [Egyptian] court grantrs interior ministry authority to deport foreign homosexuals

RobinD, Tits and Sass, Big Mother is Watching You: Hilary Clinton

David Rivers, Oxford Mail, Video: Campaigners gather in East Oxford to call for independent inquiry into Operation Bullfinch


oxford rain

Alana Massey, New Republic, A&E Completely Misunderstands the Reality of Sex Workers

Simon Danczuk, Independent, Katie Hopkins Attacked Me on Twitter, So I Reported her to the Police for Inciting Racial Hatred

Mark Conrad and Alex Varley Winter, Exaro News, Ministers block move to lift official secrets act for CSA scandal: government rejects immunity for public officials who blew whistle on child sex abuse

Shanice McBean, “I was born a baby, not a boy”: sex, gender and trans liberation

A Paper Bird, John Kerry to LGBT Egyptians: Enjoy Jail

Woman from Yemen, It’s not a Sunni-Shiah Conflict, Dummy

Richard Seymour, Lenin’s Tomb, The Deadlock of Identity Essentialism



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